Plato Academy has been recognized as "Schools of Excellence"
Congratulations to Plato Clearwater, Largo, Palm Harbor, and Tarpon Springs for being
recognized as "Schools of Excellence" by the Florida legislature.

This is a sincere vote of confidence for the work you each do every day and the amazing schools
you have helped shape!!
Plato Academy Students Performed 43% Better Than Students Statewide
It is with great pride that we here are celebrating four of our middle school students for a job well done. These students showed great motivation, creativity, and smarts to be recognized by Pinellas County at the Science Fair Regionals.

Bravo to Sam McLean and Neil Ayuyao in 6th grade and to Lauren Cady and Guillermo Romero in 8th grade for their wonderful science projects. Your hard work and focus shows what great things we can all accomplish. Thank you to Mrs. Boger and to Mr. Barnett for their leadership and support.

All four students will be recognized this Tuesday evening at the Largo HS for their science success.

Plato Academy TRINITY-Groundbreaking Ceremony
Plato Academy Trinity recently held a wonderful groundbreaking ceremony for their new permanent facilities. The celebration was well attended with over 100 people, including students, parents, teachers, administrators, and members of Spirit of Grace Lutheran Church, who will be co-tenants at the 8812 Old County Road 54 location in the Trinity area of Pasco County. The safe and secure modern facility will be over 50,000 square feet and specifically designed with Plato Academy students in mind. It will include a playing field, playgrounds, and a sports pavilion. Also on the property will be a multi-purpose space that will be jointly used by the church and the school.

Mrs. Perez kicked off the event with some kind opening words and an the introduction of the Greek choir and dance club which are composed of Plato Academy Trinity students and lead by Mr. Kokalidis. The students sang lively songs in Greek and English and performed an inspired dance that earned big rounds of applause from the audience. Steve Christopoulos, founder of Plato Academy Schools and CEO of Superior Schools Corporation, gave the next speech, which focused on the importance of providing high quality, tuition-free, publicly funded educational options to families and the importance of building strong bonds with the community. Founding Plato Board Member, Chris Alahouzos , who is also the Mayor of Tarpon Springs, spoke about Plato Academy’s the mission of serving students, helping them to excel and develop their full potential. The last speaker was Pastor Rita Gardner Tweed, of Spirit of Grace Youth Lutheran Church, talked about the aligned missions of Plato Academy and Spirit of Grace insofar as each entity seeks to serve the community and give people a place where they feel inspired to serve.

Participants in the groundbreaking used 15 golden shovels to mark the beginning of work on the project and the grand finale included Mr. Christopoulos and Pastor Rita digging up huge piles of dirt with a bulldozer and an excavator. During refreshments afterward, enthusiastic participants commented on feeling like they participated in a “chance of a lifetime” opportunity. After the adults shoveled, students were given the opportunity to do their own digging, doing their important part in celebrating the beginning of construction of a permanent facility for Pasco County’s first Plato Academy Charter School.

Plato Academy Excels on 2016 FSA Exams!
Plato Academy Excels on 2016 FSA Exams!
Plato Academy Schools' students performed very well again on the 2016 FSA Exams, outpacing their peers at the county and state levels by significant margins.

Plato Academy teachers and students have shown that hard work, passion, and having fun learning lead toward continued academic improvement.

Showing even bigger learning gains, Plato Academy's middle school students were again among the very best in the state.
"These accomplishments are proof that Plato Academy students are well prepared for learning at the next level and more importantly, they can adeptly navigate their social, academic, cultural, and intellectual lives with confidence because they are developing strong foundations," said Mr. Christopoulos, founder of Plato Academy Schools and CEO of Superior Schools.

"These scores illustrate just one part of our mission to educate the whole child. Plato Academy students are, just as importantly, having fun learning and growing in the safe and nurturing environments of our schools."
Great job teachers and students!
Don't miss the hottest Florida Ed Tech event!!
Don't miss the hottest Florida Ed Tech event!!
Registration is now open
On February almost 700 of Plato Academy's greater family joined in together for what turned out to be an epic camping trip. Hosted by Plato Academy's All Pro Dad program over 150 Plato dads contributed in various ways to make this trip a reality for all the families. Attendees shared 6 meals together, enjoyed a golf cart parade, competed in a scavenger hunt, watched out door movies at night with smores, popcorn, and hot chocolate, participated in field day games for a gold medal, and played soccer together. There was even a non-denominational church service available.

This was the 5th Annual Plato Academy All Pro Dad camping trip and the biggest one yet. This event is one more way Plato Academy takes it to another level. We would like to thank James Sciandra for contributing to the continuous success of the All Pro Dad camping and to all the families who participated. See you all again next year!!!

Superior Schools is excited to announce that it is partnering with the Tampa Bay Lightning to make Street Hockey the newest sport to be added to the Superior Sports League.

To introduce this new sport to our students, Lightning representatives will be visiting each school to offer a mini-clinic to all children in 4th-8th grades. They will also be introducing some basic skills to the lower grades. During this introductory clinic, students will practice hockey drills and participate in a post-practice game.At the end of the session, each child will get to keep a street hockey stick and ball, and they will also receive a ticket voucher for a Lightning home game.

The Street Hockey Clinics will be held during regularly scheduled PE times. Below is the list of dates that the Lightning will be coming to each campus:
Steve Christopoulos honored for his outstanding contribution to American Society
The Federation of Hellenic American Educators and Cultural Associations, in cooperation with “Athena,” the Hellenic American Teachers Association, recently honored Steve Christopoulos for his outstanding contribution to American Society, the Greek American Community, and especially his efforts to preserve Greek history and heritage.

Mr. Christopoulos thanked all Plato Academy Greek teachers for their extraordinary passion and efforts to teach young people the Greek language and about its rich history and culture.

“I promise I will continue working to preserve and celebrate the Greek language for many years to come by providing students with first class learning opportunities and supporting Greek teachers. He said that Greek heritage gives everyone something to celebrate. “Charter schools that teach Greek as a second language should do all that they can to work together to preserve Greek language, culture, and history,” advocated Mr. Christopoulos. “Working together will ensure that we achieve our common mission.”

Students from Plato Academy Clearwater danced to Greek traditional songs with the guidance of our Greek teacher Fotis Kokkalidis.

The Hillsborough County School Board approved Plato Academy to open in northwestern Hillsborough County. It will be the 9th Plato Academy School and is scheduled to open in August of 2016. Historically, there has been a strong demand from families living in Hillsborough County to attend Plato Academy Schools in Pinellas County. Demand is strongest from within the areas of the county closest to Pinellas, including Town and Country, Westchase, and Keystone with a combined 264 applications from families countywide for our schools already operating in Pinellas County.

“For years now, many parents and community members who reside in Hillsborough County have asked us to build a Plato Academy for them,” said Steve Christopoulos. We are working diligently to give them a school that is just as great as all of our schools in Pinellas.”

Hillsborough County is the 3rd largest school district in the state and the 8th largest in the nation.
Plato Academy and Superior Schools Collaborate with Schools in Greece to Shape Global Citizens
Plato Academy and Superior Schools proudly announces that our Director of Innovation, Nikolaos Chatzopoulos, just published his first iBook on the iBooks Store, "Augmented Reality in the Science Classroom".
The book is a guide for teachers and students who want to use Augmented Reality in their classrooms to enhance learning and create excitement among students.

You can download the book at
SuperiorTech4Teachers Conference
On June 17-19 Superior Schools and Plato Academy Schools organized their first annual Educational Technology Conference called Superior Tech For Teachers (ST4T). ST4T was a bold attempt to shape the EdTech future of the Tampa Bay Area, by gathering some of the best educational technology presenters, and offer them a platform to share their amazing knowledge with the rest of the educational community.

ST4T was the first-ever educational technology conference of such caliber to be organized and hosted by a charter school in the state of Florida, and one of the first in the Unites States. The event was also the biggest educational technology conference in the Tampa Bay Area. More than 180 educators and administrators from 8 states attended the conference. In a survey conducted in the aftermath of the conference, teachers and administrators from numerous private, charter, and public schools attending the event, stated enthusiastically that this was one of the best conferences they have ever attended!

The three-day conference was designed to provide participants with multiple learning opportunities of diverse nature. Participants were able to choose among numerous 1- hour long sessions on groundbreaking instructional strategies and best practices using iPads, Chromebooks, and laptops in the classroom. They had the chance to see how experienced and highly achieving educators use technology in their classrooms to motivate even the most challenging students. The 2-day conference featured presentations in areas as diverse as

  • Flipping Classroom Model
  • Gameification
  • Digital Storytelling
  • iPad and Chromebook implementation in the classroom
  • Google Apps in Education and Google Classroom
  • Augmented Reality
  • BYOD environments for Device Agnostic Classrooms

In addition, participants had the opportunity to attend sessions that provide insight into how to organize and operate a school’s IT department successfully, how to manage a high volume of devices within a network, and how to ensure that this network functions appropriately and adequately for all of the devices at school and district levels. The mastermind behind the event, our very own Nikolaos Chatzopoulos, vowed to continue improving ST4T. He has already began working on a platform that includes additional speakers of high quality, and amazing features such as student presenters, live virtual feed of select conference’s sessions, improved sponsor and vendor experience, and many more features to be utilized in the ST4T2016.
We offer custom made, Peronalized on - site training to local schools
edcamp - Tampa Bay
U.S. Congressman Gus Bilirakis visited Plato Academy Tarpon Springs School
U.S. Congressman Gus Bilirakis visited Plato Academy Tarpon Springs School and fielded thoughtful questions from a group of 7th grade students regarding international and national current events.

Mr. Bilirakis had an in depth conversation with Mr. Christopoulos regarding Charter Schools and the importance of funding Charter School Programs and especially Charter schools like Plato Academy which are “A” rated in Pinellas County with over 7,000 students on its waiting list.

Mr. Bilirakis stated that he will continue to be a strong advocate of Charter schools and that he will work with his House colleagues so that necessary programs are funded and wasteful programs are not.
Plato Academy Tarpon Springs received the Mayor’s Top Apple Award April 21, 2015
Mayor David Archie proclaimed that Plato Academy has helped to make education a top priority in the city and recognized the school for its outstanding academic achievements and accomplishments. “Plato Academy has shown great, positive momentum by achieving an ‘A’ grade during a time when increased standards make it more difficult to maintain and improve school grades,” said Mayor David Archie. This is the second year in a row that the school has earned the City of Tarpon Springs Mayor’s Top Apple Award. "We are so proud of the Plato Academy Tarpon Springs family,” said Steve Christopoulos, CEO of Superior Schools. “The principal, the teachers, the students, and the parents are all dedicated to creating a safe and nurturing school environment wherein excellence is the rule and having fun while learning is the norm.” Plato Academy Tarpon Springs has been an "A" school since its inception and ranks in the Top-10 of all Pinellas' County Schools.
Superior Schools proudly announces the opening of its 7th Plato Academy school
Superior Schools proudly announces the opening of its 7th Plato Academy school. The school will be located at 9200 49th Street in Pinellas Park, Florida. The 2015-2016 school year applications will be accepted to grade levels K-2. Click on the article below to learn more.
Plato Academy Schools : How it was created & The Man behind the Vision.
Plato Academy Schools : How it was created & The Man behind the Vision. Click on the link to read the article…/from-plato-academy-to-super…/
Plato Academy earns TOP recognition
Plato Academy earns TOP recognition as one of the best-known charter schools in the area by 83 Degrees media. Please click on the link below to learn more.
Superior Tech Training for Superior Teaching

With a decade of experience leading Florida schools in educational technology, continuously improving student performance and posting stellar academic results, Superior Schools enthusiastically embarks on its next IT endeavor, offering ed tech training to teachers from across the country. Read More.

Titled “Superior Tech 4 Teachers,” The Superior Schools-created conference will offer teachers from Florida and across the Nation unique hands-on opportunities to get familiar with learning apps and devices. At the Florida Charter Schools Conference, over 320 attendees expressed interest in attending the conference, which will be hosted at Plato Academy Clearwater on June 18-19, with the pre-conference day on June 17. The conference will also feature dynamic speakers, exhibitors and events designed to provide PK-12 educators and administrators with a fun way to become familiar with different technologies while increasing their expertise with the cutting edge devices, hardware, software and proven strategies for student technology integration. This pioneering move illustrates Superior Schools’ vast capabilities and dedication to integrating technology throughout the curriculum.

“We are enthusiastically committed to improving the lives of students through intelligent adoption and implementation of leading edge technologies, and, in the present case, providing teachers with excellent training and networking opportunities to grow as 21st century educators,” said Steve Christopoulos, CEO of Superior Schools. “We believe this conference will empower teachers with information and practice opportunities to become the best in their field. This conference will continue Plato Academy’s and Superior Schools’ strong standing at the forefront of the educational technology revolution.”

At the Florida Charter Schools conference, nearly 60 school principals, administrators, and teachers from across the state of Florida attended a workshop led by Plato Academy’s own dynamic technology gurus, Nick Chatzopoulos and Adam Beard—two dynamic educators who consistently inspire students through effective integration of technology in the classroom. The workshop, titled “iPads in the Classroom: Unleash Student Creativity Now!” illustrated best practices for teachers and offered many inspiring ideas. It was but a glimpse of the conference that will take place in June.

“It is a simple equation. If you get children excited about learning, they learn more. Technology, when implemented consistently, thoughtfully, and enthusiastically, increases student engagement and makes learning even the most challenging materials exciting and fun,” said Chatzopoulos. “Technology allows students to personalize their learning according to their needs, abilities, and interests.”

Superior Schools will also be at the Florida Education Technology Conference (FETC) this coming January.

For more information of how to apply for our summer conference please visit our website

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Tarpon Springs students learn Greek language, hometown heritage
Superior Collegiate High School Now Accepting Applications For 2015-1016 School Year
The new Plato Academy in Clearwater is now open!!
U.S. Congressman David Jolly Visits Plato Academy Largo
U.S. Congressman David Jolly Visits Plato Academy Largo and Talks with Second Graders about Their Hopes and Dreams.

U.S. Congressman David Jolly visited Plato Academy Largo campus on Tuesday, May 13th at 12 pm. He had the opportunity to talk with parents, students, and teachers and learn more about Plato Academy Largo, the highest performing public school in Pinellas County in 2013-2014. Congressman Jolly also read to students from a book explaining how a bill becomes a law.
Click Here To view.
Greek Language Proficiency Certificate Awards
Superior and Plato Academy Schools Earn SACS Accreditation Recommendation
On November 10-13 Superior Schools Corporation and Plato Academy Schools hosted an AdvancED External Review team that visited the system and a cross section of its schools to evaluate the system’s adherence to the AdvancED Accreditation Standards and to make a recommendation for AdvancED Corporate System Accreditation.

The team found that Superior Schools Corporation and Plato Academy Schools met the requirements for accreditation and announced that it will be recommending the system for AdvancED Corporate System Accreditation. Their recommendation will be reviewed and acted upon by the national AdvancED Accreditation Commission in January.

To earn AdvancED School System Accreditation, systems must: 1) meet the AdvancED Accreditation Standards; 2) implement a continuous process of improvement; and 3) host an External Review team once every five years.

As a part of the accreditation process, a team of trained professionals from across the state and nation, reviewed Superior Schools Corporation and Plato Academy Schools documents and performance data; interviewed system, school and community stakeholders; conducted site reviews to several schools; and observed system and school practices in action. The team offered both commendations and recommendations to the system.

“AdvancED School System Accreditation is a rigorous process that demonstrates to our students, parents and community that we are focused on raising student achievement, providing safe and enriching learning environments, and maintaining efficient and effective operations staffed by highly qualified educators,” stated Steve Christopoulos, CEO of Superior Schools.

7th Plato Academy Approved to Open 2014
On Tuesday, November 12, the Pinellas County School Board voted unanimously to approve the opening of a seventh Plato Academy Charter School.

Steve Christopoulos, CEO of Superior Schools, the charter school manager of all 6 high performing Plato Academy Charter Schools, said, “Expanding our Plato Academy Family to other areas and servicing the needs of every child is a true blessing."

"We are honored to provide a Plato Academy education in other areas of Pinellas County,” said Dr. Nick Koularmanis, Chief Academic and Student Support Services Officer for Superior Schools, the charter school manager of all the high-performing Plato Academy Schools.
Superior Schools Earns Prestigious Honor
The Florida Department of Education recently awarded Superior Schools with its highest award for charter school management companies.

Pam Stewart, Florida’s Commissioner of Education, thanked Superior Schools Corporation for its continued participation in the Florida Department of Education’s mission to improve the quality of educational options for Florida’s students.

“We are pleased with this award,” said Steve Christopoulos, President and CEO of Superior Schools Corporation. “It is a testament to the hard work and collaboration of an amazing team of educators and administrators. We believe parents should have high quality publicly funded educational options for their children and will continue to strive to meet strong demand for Plato Academy Schools.”

Tarpon Springs Students Connect with Greek School using Skype
"TARPON SPRINGS — By 9 a.m. the students were at their desks, clutching the posters they had carefully scribed with Greek letters in preparation for their international video call. Some sat quietly, blinking away their sleepiness." - Brittany Alana Davis

Link: Students connect to Greece via Skype - Tampa Bay Times
Link: 1ο Δ.Σ. Χώρας διαδικτυακά με Τάρπον Σπρινγκς - Greek Edition
Greek Newspaper "TO VIMA" article for Plato Academy Schools
Plato Academy Soccer Team Is #1

To read the entire article about Plato's amazing, winning soccer season, click this link.

Posted On: July 2013

Our new school opened its door this year with grades K-2 and will have PreK-3 and VPK classes. It will grow to a K-8 school in subsequent years.
The Superior Schools team worked in collaboration with the school leaders and parents last summer when drafting the charter application. The application itself was a "high - performing charter school replication application" which is to say it was based on the successful design of the original Plato Academy School in Clearwater - a state-designated high performing school. The charter was approved for a five year period. For details call 727 799 1200 x 1012
Superior Schools recently submitted a federal grant application for Plato Academy in competition with 112 approved charter schools from across the state of Florida. The partnership of Superior Schools and Plato Academy is a winning design. We were ranked #1 in Florida with the score of 99.66%.