Who we are
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Who We Are
Superior Schools, established in 2005, is a comprehensive educational service provider for schools of choice and it operates quality K-8 schools, preschools and before and after-care services. Superior schools contracts with three non –profit volunteer boards to provide management for Plato Academy schools in the following cities: Clearwater, Largo, Palm Harbor, Seminole, St. Petersburg Tarpon Springs, and Pinellas Park and Trinity. Other exciting developments include the approval of our 9th Plato Academy school at Hillsborough County schedule to open soon. Superior Schools equips charter schools by providing them with innovative curriculum and management services helping students to achieve their full potential. As a strong validation to our successful school design and academic program, our Plato Academy managed schools currently enjoy in excess of 7,000 students in their combined wait list.

Message From The CEO
Welcome to Superior Schools,

We pride ourselves on a strong culture of caring, learning, achievement and high expectations!!

Just over a decade ago, before Superior Schools or Plato Academy existed, I was one of many thousands of Pinellas County parents looking for a school for my three precious daughters, Georgia, Opi, and Sammy. I wanted my girls to have an outstanding education with passionate, highly qualified teachers in a happy, caring and enthusiastic environment. I wanted them to have access to the latest technology and to participate in inspiring enrichment opportunities. I wanted them to have the opportunity to make friends with children from diverse backgrounds. And, I wanted them to attend a school that would broaden their global perspectives through exposure to the Greek culture and language that significantly impacted western culture and thought. In short, I wanted the best for my girls.

When I learned about a new charter school called Plato Academy that was in the planning stages, I enrolled my girls and, like you, I made a commitment to do more for my children’s education. When the school initially failed within three months of its inception, and was at the brink of closure due to dwindling enrollment and financial woes, I refused to allow its closure. I backed the school financially and began to volunteer at the position of Board Chairman and school Principal . . . eight incredibly rewarding years later, Plato Academy Clearwater is the # 1 rated school in Pinellas County, the school system has grown to seven schools with a combined population of 2,013 students and even more remarkably has in excess of 9,000 combined student wait list.

My vision for Plato Academy has and will always be to build schools where children feel safe, respected, nurtured, and challenged in ways, as Plato recommends, that ignite their imaginations and inspire their spirits. Our model of continuous improvement and relentless pursuit of excellence ensures that every Plato Academy student, continues to receive nothing less than our absolute commitment—our promise—to invest whatever amount of time or resources needed to give them educational experiences that they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

I am committed to making each Plato Academy school a place where children create happy, lifelong memories and build academic foundations strong and stable enough to uphold the biggest of dreams and most challenging of goals. I know I am not the only parent who wants these things for his children. I also know every Plato Academy teacher, principal, and staff member feels the same way. To help all students have joyous educational experiences, we empower teachers with autonomy to exercise their professional judgment always in the best interest of each child through a whole child approach. We strive for 100% retention of our incredible teachers who work tirelessly, intelligently, and with passion for helping all students reach their full potential. Socrates, Plato’s teacher, said, Wisdom begins in wonder—a desire to know something. Teachers, more than any system or school-wide program, are most able to motivate students because they are in the classroom with students, day in and day out, right here and right now. They influence students in a way that no book, assignment, computer, or exam ever can. A teacher’s passion can change a child’s stars, inspiring wonder for a subject that might seem dull or irrelevant.

Plato Academy Schools have always been leaders in technology. We were first in the state to have Smartboards in every classroom and we currently have more operating laptops and iPads than we do students. We are already beginning to meet goals in our strategic plan that call for the relocation of all schools into brand new amazing education facilities designed and built to suit Plato Academy’s high standards.
Our teachers’ effectiveness is multiplied exponentially when parents are actively involved in their children’s education, supporting teachers, upholding high behavioral and academic standards at home, volunteering at the school, and donating a variety of resources. Our students deserve nothing less than our best efforts and most winning attitudes; every decision we make must affirmatively answer the question: Is this in the best interest of the child? Each Plato Academy student has unique interests, learning styles, and amazing gifts that deserve to be identified, explored, and developed to reach his or her fullest potential.

Studying Greek history, culture, and language gives students a strong sense of the origins of democracy and the philosophical underpinnings of Western thought. At Plato Academy, every day, students receive instruction in a language that helps them to develop new ways of speaking and, more importantly, new ways of thinking about their own language and the languages of medicine, science, law, and engineering. Greek choir, drama, and dance clubs provide students with creative outlets that make developing a more global mindset entertaining. I am also proud to announce that earlier this year the Greek Government awarded Superior Schools the certificate of “official Greek language center”. With this certification, we become the Greek Government’s official representative in providing the Greek language proficiency test to the general public including to the Plato Academy students.

We look forward to sharing the news, vitality and spirit of the people and places Superior Schools serves throughout Pinellas County.


Steve Christopoulos
President and CEO, Superior Schools
Founder, Plato Academy Schools